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New Mike Malone!


The one thing I like about school holidays is that it gives me time to myself which means writing time. So, the new Mike Malone is now available. No 8 in the series and the bodies keep piling up. Although I must stress that in reality, my home town is not half as dangerous as it appears in the books. I’d love to know what reader think of it.

As I look from my kitchen window, I can finally see daffodils and my cat who really disgraced himself yesterday. My son has been painting the utility room for me and my cat decided to put his foot in the paint. Neither of us realised until I went to use my laptop and it had blue paint smeared across it, as did the kitchen table and the chair and the kitchen floor and the hall carpet and the stair carpet and the bath! My cat likes to drink out of taps. It was so funny that we couldn’t really stay mad at him – and his foot is still a little bit blue.

Is Spring here yet?

English: an especially delightful and close-up...

English: an especially delightful and close-up photo taken of a daffodil purchased at a local market (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been a bit naughty with my posts again, sorry. I’ve re-read my last one and I see that I

am talking about Spring. I am still waiting. I am sitting here wrapped up as the heating has gone wrong, still waiting to see the burst of yellow in the garden from the daffodils which have usually flowered long before now. The trees are late to bud and its the bird/wildlife that I feel sorry for. I think that breeding this year will be severely threatened unless Spring gets its boots on and hurries up.

I want to be warm!!!!

Where did the time go?

English: Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) Some of...

English: Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) Some of the millions of snowdrops carpeting the woods by the River Deveron. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can’t believe that it is nearly 6 weeks since I posted anything. Where has the time gone?
Teaching! Supply teaching was supposed to give me more time, but I seem to be working full time. Admittedly, I’m not marking or planning, but I am still exhausted after a day standing in front of pupils who don’t really want to be there. When did kids become so unresponsive and disinterested?
At least spring is around the corner – or is it? I have snowdrops in my garden, a sign that it is behind a wall, peeking, and waiting to pounce. Warm weather would be so nice.
Now a week off for half-term and I have a list of things that I want to achieve – a huge chunk of Mike Malone’s next outing among them. Nearly 12,000 words written so far. How many will I actually get done – I’ll let you know.
But, for me, the highlight will be going to see ‘Les Miserables’ the movie. I think I must be the only person who hasn’t yet seen it. I have had the soundtrack for ages and will have to chew lots of toffees to stop myself singing along. I can just imagine my husband’s face if I suddenly burst into song beside him. I don’t think he’d ever speak to me again!

Happy New Year and where’s the snow?

A belated greeting – sorry!

I can’t believe the weather at the moment, I could almost be sitting here typing on a spring afternoon. Blue skies and warm sunshine. Wonderful. In fact when I was in Cambridge for the day yesterday, I even saw a tree with blossom on it. Amazing.
Husband and I went to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge yesterday to see an exhibition of Japanese woodcuts with the theme of snow – very incongruous on a day like this. Anyway, they were glorious. I loved the depiction of the women in their clogs, black lacquered for the high born and wooden for the servants. It was also interesting to see how the artists showed snow. In the 1700s the spots of snow were carved out of the wood blocks to create tiny spots of white paper and in the 1800s, the white pigment was spattered over the finished woodcut to bring texture. Fascinating.
Today, it’s back to normal. No more gazing upon beautiful images for me, instead I’m surrounding myself in blood and gore.

As the old year ends

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and that you are all looking forward to a good New Year. So – what are your resolutions going to be? I’m not going for the usual ones that I always end up breaking within the first week. Instead my resolution is to count my blessings and to try and follow an idea given to me by a friend. She recommends that every night I jot down something good that happened during the day. Then at the end of the year, I can flick through my book and remember everything nice/good that has happened.

So, if I had done that this year, what would I have been remembering? Well, it has been an interesting year. I have published five more books and have seen my sales creep a few rungs up the ladder of success. I’m a long way from the top, but am not rock bottom anymore. I have seen my son graduate from university with a tear in my eye and have ‘retired’ from teaching. I am not a full time teacher anymore, just a supply teacher which has improved my work/life balance greatly. No longer am I spending every night crouched over the kitchen table surrounded by piles of books that need marking and reports that need writing. Life is now a lot less stressful and the old saying that money can’t buy happiness certainly rings true.

Therefore, to everyone – have a healthy and prosperous New Year and may all of your wishes come true.



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Milly’s new ebook, ‘And Then She Was Bad’, will be out on kindle very shortly. I think it’s her best, with all the usual quirkiness, with the added spice of a bit of strange love and passion! This time the intrepid Detective Inspector Mike Malone is up against one of his most spiteful targets and crosses swords again with an old enemy…

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I’m back

Isn’t is funny how life grinds to a halt when there is no internet? What on earth did we all do before it arrived? My internet connection was lost about a month ago after a squabble between two service providers – that’ll teach me to try to swap. But at least all service is now restored.

So what have I been up to? After enjoying life as a supply teacher and visiting lots of schools and teaching everything from PE to photography, I have now taken a 4 week placement at a school – I’ll be there until the end of term. In a funny way, I have found that I have missed the sense of belonging to a department, even though I have enjoyed the flexibility that wandering around the county brings. It’s nice to walk into the staff room every morning and see the same faces and share the same jokes. That’s what I think now, one week into my four weeks. What I will think at the end of the four weeks – who knows?

As for my books, the next Mike Malone is finished, it’s being edited and should be available within the next couple of weeks. Look out for ‘When She Was Bad.’ The new Jack Sallt is also very close to completion and then it too will enter the editing phase.

Now I’m off to write my Christmas cards.


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